solo exhibition at Centraal Museum Utrecht

Eva Spierenburg's work for this room with glass walls can be seen as an installation, but also as a collection of separate works; comparable to how a body consists of separate limbs. The presentation is intensified by her use of colour, which are often pale, natural skin colours. Besides the traces of her body, the manner of presentation is suggestive of a ritual or the religious custom of attentive exposition, as if we are viewing relics.


Performances took place at announced and unannounced moments.
Performer: Sophia Dinkel


Disappearance in slow motion - exhibition flyer with text by Hanne Hagenaars
Lucy in de lucht 12/2019 - Disappearance in slow motion - by Marjolein Witte
Duic 2019/12 - Disappearance in slow motion - by Jolanda Schouten
Mister Motley 27/10/19 - Tijdelijke lichamen, Eva Spierenburg in het Centraal Museum - by Puck Kroon


photo 1, 3 & 4 by Jan-Kees Steenman