solo exhibition at Chinese European Art Center (CEAC), Xiamen, China

Floating hands and fake mountains shows an installation that combines found material with objects and drawings I made during a two month residency in Xiamen.When I first visited Xiamen in 2017, I was intrigued by the relation between the ordinary and the sacred. By the remains of tradition and spirituality in daily life, within a rapidly developing economy. Walking around the city, I encountered many altars: both in and around temples, as in unexpected places. Both actual altars, and arrangements which could be considered as such in the public space.
I'm interested in how these arrangements suggest an unknown action or ritual. The arranged objects carry the traces of human interaction. With the possibility that the items could be used and thereby re-activated at any time. Or they might just as well stay still and only bear the leftovers of human presence.

The installation lingers in between an altar and an archeological site. It’s an area where objects can be investigated on their value and possible usage. The seemingly worthless gains value and purpose through its careful arrangement. While the objects show the traces of being used by an absent body, the present body is reduced to hands, skin and feet.


PRESS RELEASE floating hands and fake mountains