slice of life with swallowed spiral     (2023)
Drawing Centre Diepenheim 


In the exhibition 'slice of life with swallowed spiral', the walls of the building are partially covered with cloths and clay. With these interventions in the architecture, Spierenburg creates intimate spaces that each evoke a different feeling. Body parts have detached themselves from the big picture and float loose in the space or lean against a wall. They hold us up on the inside, but can also throw us off balance due to stress, tension or trauma stored there. With this exhibition, Spierenburg invites us to think about the architecture of our own interior; she makes us aware of the body we inhabit.

curator & text: Nadine van den Bosch

interview Nooit Meer Slapen NPO radio 1, 13/06/2023

This project is kindly supported by the Mondrian Fund