exhibition ‘Humble’, Garage Rotterdam

“When Eva Spierenburg's mother died, she developed a fascination for the dying body. Humility only exists when there is no longer any identity, no longer an ego. Dying can also be seen as a form of humility, a no-man's-land between presence and absence. A body will only die as the ego slowly ebbs away. Spierenburg's work represents this intermediate form, a state of being and non-being. A small red object of solidified transparent plastic material, for example, suggests the transformation of death. ‘’I imagined how all a body’s lifeblood sinks to the bottom and coagulates. This then, is coagulated life, I thought.’ Spierenburg also took photographs of wet clay, because what other ways exist for retaining this pliable soft form?” (catalogue text by Lieneke Hulshof)

selection of included works:

untitled / 50x57 cm / paper and acrylic on canvas

untitled / 16x11 cm / acrylic and pencil mounted on linnen

untitled / 19x28 cm / ink, acrylic and pencil on paper

lying head (4) / 29,5x26 cm / paper and acrylic on canvas

schaamstok / 73x16x3 cm / plaster bandages, acrylic, wood and traces of parrafine


the indispensable one / 225x43x23 cm / styrofoam, plaster, acrylic, textile, wood

untitled, 27,6x22,4x4 cm, acrylic and paint residue on wooden panel


photo 1: Bas Czerwinski